Backyard exhibition at Plato Sanat discusses the multilayered relations between books and artworks. Of course, artists are inspired by numerous sources. For many though, books play an important role. That is why the show at Plato Sanat presents artworks and books next to each other, so that the audience may draw connections between the exhibited pieces and the publications on display.

The title Backyard functions as metaphorical reference to the personal background of an artist. Being placed right at the opposite of the main entrance of a house, a backyard is a rather hidden, often slightly mysterious, sometimes even pretty uncanny place. Like a secret garden, in which valuable and precious fruits grow on beautiful trees, a backyard can be seen as a concretized utopian dream. There, you can relax and enjoy life outside the hectic of the main streets and avenues, where, surrounded by dust, dirt and noise, people run from appointment to appointment. Always fearing of missing a supposedly meaningful incident, the streets are filled with rushing people being stressed out. In the backyard though, time stands still, and the world becomes a beautiful micro-cosmos. Actually, everybody needs a personal backyard, in which one can reconsider life in order to become critical and self-aware. Backyard is also an exhibition that dares to try alternatives in curatorial practice by raising questions rather than giving answers, and rejecting didactic propositions of how to exhibit contemporary art in the context of intellectualism and knowledge production.