‘Now You are Here’ is an exhibition curated by Seval Şener and Tuçe Erel that evolved out of the notion of Anthropocene. Erel and Şener, the latter being also one of the artists, take their readings and ideas on Anthropocene as a starting point to explore and discover connections with the participating artists’ existing works. Anthropocene was first suggested in 2000 by Crutzen and Stoermer. According to this geological concept, the Earth has left the Holocene epoch behind and is now in the Anthropocene epoch, a period that marks the passing of the threshold of return  of human damage on Earth: the damage is done, deep and irreversible. There is a lot of research and discussion on when exactly this epoch began. One research suggests that it started when human beings destroyed forests in order to do agriculture. Another research suggests that Anthropocene started with the Industrial Revolution, while a third study sees the invention of atomic bomb as the beginning. The ‘Anthropocene Working Group’ has been launched to establish scientific grounding to prove the existence of this epoch, as it is yet to be approved scientifically by geological authorities. Even though the original concept is geological one, it is very much on the agenda of philosophers, social scientist, independent researchers and artists since 2007.

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