Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Victoria, 2015, various dimensions, plastics

Weltschmerz*, is a phenomenon that refers to the alienation, depression and suffering an individual experiences when witnessed the physical and social brutality around the world.

Romantic Era is frequently represented by idealization of the World and the reference to the fluctuation of the emotions when confronted by this ideal. This show emphasizes a sort of similarity between this perspective of the Romantic Period and the perception of reality of contemporary artists.

There is a clear relationship between the forms and methods that contemporary art employs to continually disconcert the concept of reality and the desire to renounce or transform the perceived world. The social changes that are experienced both in global and local levels cause a constant anxiety, mechanization and numbness in human behavior but at the same time they also lead to the renunciation of the reality. This renunciation of art sometimes aims for an utterly harsh mechanism of criticism or resort to a twisted perception, which can be described almost as schizophrenic.

When faced with the situation that the desired world is always resides in the future and the present one is not compatible with one’s own universe the impulsive action that the artists take is not to represent the world as it is but to transfigure it, deconstruct it or reproduce it. Our inability to reconcile with the world per se lead us either to self destruction or to a path which pushes us to create new ways to transform and improve it. At this point, whatever method he or she chooses, being an artist itself present us new modes of living and so cracks our numb outer cover and creates some sensation. Unlike the everyday contact, this special type of communication we develop through art shows us the similarities of the anxieties we experience and enables us to conceptualize them and eventually to talk about them.

*Weltschmerz, invented by German writer Jean Paul, is essentially an untranslatable concept that roughly means a feeling of melancholy and world-weariness. The term that is usually associated with the melancholic and pessimistic works of Romantic poets and writers, and is used to describe the existential pain and meaninglessness that originates from the incompetency of the mind’s desires in the face of the reality’s destructive nature.