Chicken System and Its Variables

Kerem Ozan Bayraktar is preoccupied with the limits of systems, the roles that systems assign to its elements, and the behavior of these elements. Disregarding the conventional relational norm between humans and animals, Bayraktar assigns new roles. In the series Circus (2013), he brings together vehicles and animals such as horses, a carousel, sheep, planes and a concrete mixer machine that circle around, imprisons them in endless cycles and forces them into purposeless rotations. This series reveal computer game aesthetics as same objects are modified and re-used, creating a visual loop. The work titled Chicken System and its Variables (2017) positions chickens, a bison, a frog and a fox within the setting of a basketball court, where people are meant to play sports. The artist plays with the variables of the accepted system and makes use of a scientific method as part of his practice to strengthen his statement: proving a theory by alternating the variables. Vital questions are raised, such as the significance of a habitat, and whether it would be possible to form different relationships with animals and other things, challenging the impact of human-centric ways of thinking.

-Ulya Soley, Art Brussels exhibition catalogue, 2019, Sanatorium