The island is a series of three different computer generated animations depicting a concrete truck alongside a swimming pool filled with concrete and floating bed mattresses in a flooded construction site. This series was produced in “Please do not disturb” (2013, curated by Ertug Ucar) exhibition at Istanbul Modern under the theme “tourism and recreation buildings”.

“Kerem Ozan Bayraktar shows a silent movement in his videos. In the slight motions stimulating minor perceptions, which we call imperceptible motions, sometimes the space discharges itself; the action processes itself on a white and empty space; and sometimes the speed makes itself felt with a slowness oscillating between moving and not moving, with minor motions through which the sounds drag us to perception. The velocity and slowness relations of the images reveal the ‘minor perceptions’.”

– Ali Akay, 2015
Minor Perceptions, Şekerbank Açık Ekran