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Kerem Ozan Bayraktar is an artist living in Istanbul.

Kerem Ozan Bayraktar’s works pertain to conditions in which objects unite to constitute environments. Using a wide range of representation objects, the artist focuses on the fuzzy boundaries between natural and artificial entities; their metamorphosis, decaying, and how we make sense of them. These entities range from spontaneous urban plants to exoplanets; from machines to animal bodies. While on the one hand Bayraktar’s works demonstrate similar organisational modes of different environments, on the other hand they explore the conditions of singularity that contradict these similarities.

The artist is particularly interested in elucidating  vitality and how an object sustains itself in an environment. Bayraktar’s latest exhibition, “Rocks and Winds, Germs and Words” (2019, Sanatorium) was structured around visualizing how the whole effort of understanding life evolved in parallel with semiotics and language, by focalising geological and biological processes, problematizing life’s nature as a network of relationships, and revealing the compulsory connections of digital and physical beings with matter and energy resources of the world. The exhibition featured forms that are difficult to explain through dichotomies such as digital/analog, life/death or animate/inanimate.

The artist’s work often refers to objects’ methods of  self-organization such as copying and variation, and to cultural and ideological classifications such as categorization. The video titled “Mimicry” (2017), which reveals the similarities between biological copying mechanisms and industrial mass production methods, shows the interaction between a machine and a living being in an orchid production facility. In the series “Circus” (2013), animal visualizations featuring the same sign repeating itself in different colors and textures indicates the relationship between biodiversity and the economy of computer games. In the series “Some Potentially Uninhabitable Planets” (2019), the issue of diversity  is tackled with exoplanet illustrations. The illustrations consist of pseudo-scientific interpretations of dead planets, which discuss the probability of matter getting organized, the chances of some of this organized matter to contain life, and the ideological ways of representing the quest for life. In the video and image titled “Phases of Nix” (2019), which discusses a similar issue through time, the artist makes an effort to create an impossible calendar of a natural satellite that performs chaotic turns around itself. Coincidence and spontaneity, movement and stability, cycles and oscillations, and images about expansions in space are among the elementary constituents that determine the flow in Bayraktar’s works.

The artist’s repertoire has recently expanded to include elements from popular culture. Works that focus on zombies or stuffed animals made in China, re-question the relationship between life, movement and consciousness through these hybrid beings.

Selected reviews & essays

2022 Sugar and heat: red, blue, green, purple, orange
Aslı Seven,border_less, 03.02.2022

2019 Let’s Start from the End
Jing Yi Teo, so-far, 03.10.2019

2019 Bad Encounters: Crisis, death, extinction, and the end of the World as we know it
Gaye Çankaya Eksen, Rocks and Winds, Germs and Words (ed.Kevser Güler), Sanatorium, 09.2019

2019 Rocks and winds, germs and words
Kevser Güler, Rocks and Winds, Germs and Words (ed.Kevser Güler), Sanatorium, 09.2019

2018 Myths about Seeing, Believing and Knowing
Marcus Graf, Artful Living, 09.05.2018

2012 Mapping and Functionality in Bayraktar’s work
Yağız Özgen, Rules (2012), Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, 05.2012


2019 On space, time, planets and plants: A conversation with Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Ulya Soley
Ulya Soley,border_less, 07.02.2019

2013 Book interview with Ertug Ucar
Ertug Ucar, Please do not disturb (ed.Pelin Dervis), Istanbul Modern, 07.02.2013

2012 Interview with Marcus Graf
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Selected Talks (Turkish)

2021 Çağdaş Sanat Buluşmaları: Gündelik Yaşam Estetiği
moderatör: Kültigin Kağan Akbulut
26.04.2021, Ataşehir Kültür Sanat, çevrimiçi
︎ Aesthetics of the everyday

2021 Yapıttan Önce Sonra Sanat
moderatör: Süreyya Evren
24.03.2021, Küçükçekmece Dijital Festival, çevrimiçi
︎ Art after and before the artwork

2021 Etüt: Güncel Sanata Doğru İlk Adımlar: Kavramsal Sanat
programlama: Murat Alat
03.03.2021, Nilüfer Sanat, çevrimiçi
︎ An introduction to conceptual art

2020 Symbiosis: Ortak Yaşam Üzerine Araştırmalar / Dağıtık Yaşam
programlama: Murat Alat
16.05.2020, İstanbul Özel Saint-Joseph Fransız Lisesi, çevrimiçi
︎ Symbiosis: research on symbiosis / distributed Life

2020 Sokak Otları ve Onların Kent Ekolojisindeki Yeri
program: Benan Kapucu, Botanitopya
23.02.2020, Açık Radyo
︎ Urban weeds and their place in urban ecology

2019 Pandemi Döneminde ”Kayalar ve Rüzgarlar, Mikroplar ve Kelimeler” Sergisini Yeniden Düşünmek
Ulya Soley ile söyleşi
02.05.2019, Sanatorium
︎ Rethinking "Rocks and Winds, Germs and Words" Exhibition During the Pandemic

2019 Bilsart Sanat Konuşmaları: Kerem Ozan Bayraktar & Ulya Soley
Ulya Soley ile Nix’in Evreleri üzerine söyleşi
31.01.2019, Bilsart, Istanbul
︎ Talk with Ulya Soley on Phases of Nix

2019 Kerem Ozan Bayraktar ile Sokak Otları
program: Melis Oğuz, Mekan ve İnsan
︎ Urban weeds

2019 Sokak Otları
program: Nurhan Keleer, Biofilia
07.02.2019, Açık Radyo

2019 Sokak Otları
21.03.2019, İstanbul Üniversitesi Cerrahpaşa Orman Fakültesi / Diker Atölye
︎ Urban weeds

2019 Medyum-sonrası Çağda Fotoğraf
moderatör: Tevfik Çağrı Dural
19.01.2019, Ortaformat, SALT Galata
︎ Photography after the post-medium age