This exhibition is part of the year program In Your Own Backyard Series in collaboration with initiative Monitor İzmir.

“What is this man? A mass of diseases that reach out into the world through the spirit; there they want to get their prey.

What is this man? A coil of wild serpents that are seldom at peace among themselves – so they go forth apart and seek prey in the world.”1

Away from the point of view of human being who see it self as a sovereign of the world, the exhibition would like to infiltrate the living spaces of that are detained from their habitat. Human being who exploit everyone and everything, including their own species to satisfy their human needs transforms into a producer when it comes to creating new prisons for the ones that make their life easy and satisfied. The exhibition focuses on the surviving stories of the destroyed nature that thrown into background by the human being who has a parasitism relationship with space occupants in the universe.

The Sound of No-One Listening is supported by Gemeente Amsterdam Oost and SANATORIUM