etc, 2015, 18 x 18 cm (each),  archival pigment print, PG Art, Istanbul

(…) Bayraktar presents computer generated cinematographic images and a series of asteroid visualizations in “et cetera”. The artist is mainly interested in leftovers, things that don’t need to call their names, the et cetera. A funeral ceremony where street dogs carry part of an asteroid, stoned rhinos in an empty void, and a boat that carries a pile of stones, visualize a heavy world in every sense.

A series of figurative renderings such as birds, portraits and dogs acompany with images of asteorites from past collisions which some resemble tombstones. These figurations occasionally show an intense abstraction with noise, pixalation and defocusing. This causes to perceive them as deformed stones. (…)
etc, 2015, 18 x 18 cm (each),archival pigment print
“et cetera”, 2015, PG Art, Istanbul