Artificial intelligence-generated images
Printing on luster paper, mounted on wood
25 × 17 × 3 cm (each)

The works produced with AI-generated imagery depict scattered objects and vegetation scattered on fragmented grounds in disturbed landscapes with an isometric perspective familiar from computer games and architectural drawings. The works are characterized by the presence of spaces that try to separate themselves from their surroundings, as observed in many of Bayraktar's works. Spaces are usually depicted in a state of formation in which boundaries begin to dissolve, randomness rises within the area, and natural-artificial dichotomies are broken. The artist defines these moments of formation as spaces that can give rise to potential encounters rather than destruction or death, and presents such spaces, especially on the borders of the city, framing them with the idea of a "spontaneous garden". In the "Garden" series, Bayraktar integrates the ‘noise’ into landscape designs by utilizing the algorithms of artificial intelligence.