Phases of Nix, 2019, computer animation, 26’40”, color, silent.
Phases of Nix (poster), 68 × 48,5 cm, print on paper, unlimited ed.
"Phases of Nix" is an animation inspired by the chaotic rotations of Pluto’s moon, Nix. The exhibition includes a “Nictian Calendar,” resembling traditional lunar calendars but non-functional due to Nix’s erratic rotations. The animation uses two photographs of Nix, with movement generated by computer scripts incorporating randomness, mimicking an unstable pendulum. The work examines chaotic systems and questions our conventional understanding of time, which relies on continuous cycles and natural balance. On a surface where the sunrise direction is unknown, what other patterns can be used to record time?


Soley, Ulya. "On Space, Time, Planets and Plants: A Conversation with Kerem Ozan Bayraktar". border_less, 07.02.2019.

If I talk about time is that it is not yet,

If I speak of a place is that it has disappeared,

If I speak of a man, he will soon be dead,

If I talk about time is that it is no longer

Raymond Queneau, TheExplanation of Metaphors