Rotor, 2020, 09’00”, video, sound.
Narrator: Jing Yi Teo
“ (…) In his video piece Rotor, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar brings together several narratives in which particles migrate from one location to the other. Dust itself is accumulated through cycles of growth, decay, conflict, and repose. In the video, he lists the constituents of dust as: “fragments of migrating corpses, bits of my lover, ghost in the machine.” Collisions form clouds of dust around planets, resin dust creates images on metal plates, dust travels from the Bodélé Depression to the Amazon, providing nutrition for entire forests. By bringing forward these micro and macro journeys of dust and happenings at sites of varying sizes (a box, a home, a desert, a galaxy) Bayraktar also highlights the non-hierarchical qualities of dust: a space in which humans and non-humans merge into one another, dissolving boundaries, occupying multiple temporalities at once, building a continuous stream.”

Gülşah Mursaloğlu, “A Continuous Stream”, in Sandstorm, ed. Sarah Maske, 2020, Istanbul