Skins, 2019-24
exhibition view: Rocks and winds, germs and words, 2019, Sanatorium
computer generated images, transparency in lightbox, metal & cable, 276 x 255 cm
Installation design: Buşra Tunç

exhibition view:Timeless Curiosities, 2024, Istanbul Modern

“Skins” comprises of digitally rendered portraits of various beings. Posing questions on how we perceive stillness, life, and death, the installation invites the viewer to look at the stillness of different modes of existences such as plant, animal, and object. It doesn’t see stillness as a passive, stagnant state, instead, it re-considers it as a state that presently accomodates processes of being and formation of all historical, complex relations of earth, as a state that carries a potential for unpredictable change. The state of the digital image is also re-interpreted with this work in the context of complex modes of existences of our day. The installation invites us to accept materialistic, spatial, and technical relations of the actual digital image. It also makes reference to principles of taxonomy and today’s dystopic seed banks structures. The work, with individual figures rendered at different moments making an impression to see time as individual moments, also communicates formally with concepts such as separatedness and discontunity which are the main principles and modes of existences of the digital image.” - Kevser Güler

rocks and winds germs and words

-Kevser Güler, 2019