2021, AI generated images
21,5 x 16,5 cm (each)

In this series, I asked my friends for their portrait photographs. I have produced new variations of portraits by helping with artificial intelligence. These images uncannyly remind those people's faces, but how much they resemble them remains at a debatable point. The produced images erase the distinct boundaries between photography and painting, as well as the machine's capacity to produce numerous visual techniques and content in a very fast time, blurring the creativity, imagination, and human-non-human distinctions between machines and humans. Is it possible to say that biological diversity and speciation phenomena are not a matter of biology but of language? For example, do we have the opportunity to discuss the extent to which small changes are limited as similarity or at what point cumulative masses cause breakage through literary texts, artistic images or even historical events themselves?

This work was produced for Natama Poetry Magazine (Ocak - Mart 2021, 29)