Vital Heat, 2021, 3D prints PLA+, XTC-3D, dimensions variable.

exhibition views, Hosting Bodies, 2021, curated by Ulya Soley, Sanatorium, Istanbul
consisting works of Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Semâ Bekirović, and Gülşah Mursaloğlu

“Titled “Cardiogenesis”, a series of UV prints on Plexiglas arranged on a shelf present multiple attempts at visually representing the heart. The transparency of the material allows to create layering, opening up combinatory possibilities as to what constitutes an organ. “Vital Heat” is a series of 3D printed organ shapes replicating the heart while at the same time diverging from it through alterations, fragments and parts melting over the floor.  This is a bodiless heart which seems to keep pumping, only to generate dysfunctional copies of itself. The pink, off-white and red accents of the installation serve to maintain the heart-as-organ as a referent. From the circuit of veins and blood to the circuitry of a self-replicating machine as a closed system, this is an organ turned into a digital-mechanical hybrid in passing through software, being translated through heated polymer (sugar, again) to repeat, fragment and document its own shape in endless variations and sequences. The heart as an inter-medial affective trickster, pumping itself across non organic matter through heat and radiation.”