Pieces, 2015, 05’45”, computer-generated animation

“This work stems from the idea of cross-mapping various distinct fields on which I have been working for a long time. The pieces of shattered porcelain, ostensibly floating randomly in space are revealed to be performing recurring swirls in specific orbits. Although these shattered pieces have a direct relationship with astronomical systems, the video does not adhere to the rules of physics. Each piece in the video belongs in a system but this system moves in a closed circuit, without interacting with the other systems. The acting of natural systems as artificial systems and transformation into a mechanical game with its own rules constitute one of the first instances of the alienation, which is a recurring concept in my works. My preference of a porcelain cup is due to its symbolic, historical, definitive and reproducible attributes. However, like other asteroids in the series the fragments of the cup, as leftovers of a whole, possess a visual value that resists symbolism. In a way, the video monumentalizes this relative moment of collapse by turning it into a constantly recurring mechanism.”