Kerem Ozan Bayraktar (1984) lives and works in Istanbul. He mainly uses animations, 3d computer visualizations, scale models and texts, and carries out researches and works focusing on change, mutation, diversity and copying. He reproduces and depicts the boundaries, loops and interactions of artificial and natural systems in a wide research area ranging from planet morphologies to urban plants.

Having received his master’s and Proficiency in Art (PhD) degrees at the Fine Arts Institute of Marmara University with the theses entitled “Digital Image and Representation” and “Object of Art and Mapping in the Context of System Theory”, respectively, Bayraktar, who has been holding workshops, lectures and exhibitions with the artist group “System Studies” at various times since 2012, has six solo shows. The artist has participated in many group exhibitions, among them, “Colony” (2018, Abud Efendi Mansion), “Deep, Darkness and Splendor” (2017, Galerist), “aRb” (2017, Sanatorium), “Habitat” (2016, Istanbul Modern), “VIVO” (2015, Kasa), “Please Do Not Disturb” (2013, Istanbul Modern), “Borders and Orbits” (Siemens Art, 2009) and “26th Contemporary Artists” (2008, Aksanat), being in the first place. His works appeared in national and foreign publications, video screenings and became part of collections.

Bayraktar is represented by Sanatorium Gallery.


2011-17 Doctor of Arts, Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Istanbul
2007-11 Master of Arts, Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Istanbul
2009-10 Fine Arts (MFA), Exchange Program, Newcastle Uni., School of Arts and Cultures
2003-07 Bachelor, Marmara Üniversitesi Faculty of Fine Arts


2019 Berlin Senate Residency Program (supported by DEPO & nGbK), ZK/U, Berlin
2018-19 The Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme
2016 Nomination, Prix Pictet, Geneva
2016 Long list, ING Unseen Talent Award, Amsterdam
2014 Trelex Residency, Switzerland
2008 Success Award, Painting and Sculpture Museums Association, İstanbul
2008 Borders & Orbits 04, Siemens Sanat, İstanbul
2008 26. Contemporary Artists, Akbank Sanat, İstanbul
2007 Borders & Orbits 01, Siemens Sanat, İstanbul
2007 First Prize in Graduation Project, Marmara Uni.Faculty of Fine Arts, İstanbul
2007 Second Best Degree Achievement Prize, Marmara Uni. Faculty of Fine Arts, İstanbul


2019 Phases of Nix, Bilsart, Istanbul
2018 Chance and Necessity, coll. with Sergen Şehitoğlu, Sanatorium, Istanbul
2015 et cetera, PGArt, İstanbul
2015 Minor Perceptions, Curator: Ali Akay, Şekerbank Açıkekran, İstanbul
2013 Circus, PGArt, İstanbul
2012 Rules, Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, İstanbul
2011 Stasis, PGArt, İstanbul
2010 Tinnitus, PGArt, İstanbul
2009 Echo, PGArt, İstanbul


2019 flesh and bone, Operation Room, Istanbul
2018 colony, Abud Efendi Konagi, Istanbul; Schwules Museum, Berlin
2017 Deep, Darkness and Splendor, Galerist, Istanbul
2017 aRb, Sanatorium, Istanbul
2016 Ohne, Mekan68, Wien
2016 Habitat,Istanbul Modern
2015 Backyard,Plato Sanat, İstanbul
2015 VIVO, KASA Galeri, İstanbul
2015 Redefining the Space of Everyday Life, Gaia Galeri, İstanbul
2014 Focus: Turkey, Landskrona Foto, Landskrona, Sweden
2014 [ ] PG Art, İstanbul
2013 Hypologie, Sanatorium, İstanbul
2013 Please do not disturb! Istanbul Modern, İstanbul
2012 Simulation Crisis, Plato Sanat, İstanbul
2011 Elsewhere, Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, İstanbul
2009 Temporary Harresment, Istanbul 2010, Kartal, Küçükçekmece, Atakent, Ümraniye Cultural Centers
2009 You can’t kiss away a murder, Galerist, İstanbul


2015 Art Speaks Out, Video Screening in Til It’s Done exhibition, Istanbul Modern 2015
2015 Broadcast video screening: Berlin
2015 Video Screening in The Sense of the Body  FISAD 2015, Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, Italy
2015 Video screening in Art Market: Budapest,
2014 Site specific installation at Contemporary İstanbul ’04, CI 90 MINUTE SHOWS / Curator: Marcus Graf
2013 Composition with Pills, Solo video screening, Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, İstanbul


2019 “Looking at Everyday Life from System Aesthetics”, 3rd Turkish Congress of Aesthetics, Middle East Technical University, Culture and Convention Center, Ankara, Turkey
2019 “Urban weeds”, Istanbul Uni. Landscape Architecture Dep., Istanbul
2019 “Photography in Post-medium age”, Gaziantep University Art and Aesthetics Symposium, Gaziantep
2018 “Plant talks: Urban weeds”, NADAS, Istanbul
2018 “Photography in Post-medium age”, SALT Galata, Istanbul
2018 “Materialist Media Ecology and Art” workshop, Marmara Uni. Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting dep.
2017 “Landslide” with Ali Miharbi, Sergen Şehitoğlu, Yağız Özgen, SALT Galata, Istanbul
2017 “Image as a Question” with Metehan Özcan, Murat Germen, Orhan Cem Çetin, Selim Süme, Galata Rum Okulu, “Base Talks”, İstanbul
2016 “Erasure” workshop, Fkare Photography Festival, Yıldız Technical Uni., Istanbul
2011 “Systems in Art” with Yagiz Ozgen, Mersin Uni., Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Dep., Mersin, Turkey
2010 “Representation in Digital Space”, Mersin Uni., Faculty of Fine Arts, Ugur Oral Lecture Room, Turkey


2018-19  Introduction to Digital Image, Marmara Uni., Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul
2018-19  Digital Image Design, Mimar Sinan Uni.,  Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul
2011-19  Printmaking, Marmara Uni.,  Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul


2010 – 15 Sanat Tanımı Topluluğu, STT-M, İstanbul
2012 – 13 Kurt Gödel & Gotlob Frege Workshop, System Studies, Yağız Özgen & Guido Casaretto Studio, İstanbul


2019 “One the borderline of empiricism: Yagiz Ozgen’s Instructions” (Translated by Ulya Soley from Turkish), Catalogue text, Sanatorium, 19.04.2019
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2018 “What does football say?” (Turkish), Medium (Online), 11.03.2018
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2015 “On the word ‘fine’” (Turkish), Apofani (Online), 19.12.2012


2017 Prix Pictet: Space, Italy: teNeues, Editors: Stepher Barber, Michael Benson
2016 La Ventura, Istanbul: Masa
2015 Modern And Contemporary Approaches To Photography In Turkey, Istanbul : Yem
2015 Habitat, Istanbul: Mas
2015 Il Senso del Corpo, Torino: Edizioni Albertina Press
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2013 Please do not disturb, Istanbul : Ofset Yapımevi
2013 Mobility and Fantasy In Visual Culture, On Elsewhere. In L.K.Johnson [Ed.] London: Routledge
2010 Temporary Harassment, Istanbul
2007 26. Contemporary Artist Exhibition Istanbul: Resim ve Heykel Müzeleri Derneği


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2018 MUZEM, Sivas
2017 Istanbul Modern Museum Photography Collection
2017 Hacettepe Museum Collection, Ankara